The Foundation of Success (TM)

Real Estate Sales Fundamentals: High ROI with an immediate impact in an easy to learn participatory workshop environment.

$49-499 Per Student. We have no secret plans, retainer fees, expensive courses, hard contracts, or vague ROI promises. You don't even paying for lunch, snacks or drink during class.

We want to change your life.  


What good are FSBO cold-calling scripts if the Real Estate Agent doesn't know what do when the prospect says 'sure'?  What good is an open-house showing if the Agent focuses on "selling" features. Worse they fail to ask for the sale?  Does the Agent know how to find and focus selling to the decision maker? Are you or your Agents afraid to talk price? Does anyone know the fundamentals of negotiations?

According to the National Association of Realtors: only 16% of all Real Estate Agents have had any previous sales experience, further, for the first two years earn an average of only $8900 a year, and there is a 87% turnover rate within 4 years.

Face it, Real Estate agents have great intentions, but they generally do not know how to become successful. 

How many thousands, hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars have you lost because you or your team fail to grasp sales basics. Who trained you?

Practice like the real thing...

We believe in the power of you, and what you are capable of achieving. We know that if you can’t talk in class, you are going to struggle to speak to prospective clients. Therefore SMC teaches in a participatory and easy to learn environment. However, if an Agent is scared to speak in public, no worries, we work with shy students to overcome their fear of public speaking. 

Students gain immediate impacts as they learn 4G core fundamentals: 


1. Greeting a customer;

2. Gathering information;

3. Giving a product/service recommendation, and finally;

4. Getting the sale.  

Bonus: The Fundamentals of Negotiations 


This training is designed not to replace, but to set the stage for, and augment company or industry-specific knowledge and skills. 

Further, we offer Real Estate Broker-centric Sales Leadership classes that are designed to teach how to foster a culture of fundamentals and practice within your organization. 

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