87% of you won't make it 4 years as a Realtor®...we want to help put an end to that...we want to change your life.

Let us ask you, what good are cold-calling scripts if you struggle to get the prospect to say 'sure'? What good is an open-house if your vocabulary is stuck on "selling" features. Do you know when to ask for the sale? Are you aware how to find and focus selling on the true decision maker? Are you afraid to talk price? Do you know the fundamentals of negotiations? Are you scared to knock on doors, cold-call, or talk to strangers? 

We can help.

According to the National Association of Realtors: only 16% of all Real Estate Agents have had any previous sales experience, further, for the first two years, Realtors® earn an average of only $8900 a year, and there is a 87% turnover rate within 4 years.

We believe in the power of you, and what you can achieve. We know that if you can’t talk in class, you are going to struggle to speak to prospective clients; therefore SMC teaches in a participatory and easy to learn environment. We practice like the real thing.

The class is nearly 20 hours over two days:  live or live-webinar.

Your competition is taking this class.

Because training, like life, should be participatory. With SMC, you will learn and practice like the real thing...

Low Cost, Easy to Grasp, Gain Immediate Impact on your Performance. 

You will gain immediate impacts as you learn and practice the core Sales Skills Fundamentals: 

The ABCD's of Salesmanship

· Awareness

· Business-minded

· Character

· Driven

This is a NOT replacement for training from your broker or mentor. This training sets the stage for, and augments company or industry-specific knowledge and skills. 

Every class has a licensed real estate agent assisting to help you maximize your learning process. Find us just one other course offering this level of commitment.

SMC's guarantee: if you are not completely satisfied, you money will be 100% refunded. 

Invest in yourself.

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