About Us

"I want to change your life."

This simple statement is on every one of our business cards. Why, because we love seeing people become successful.

Someone emailed us asking, "You have no white papers? No expert tips? No case studies?"


Forget complex contracts with a company that teaches elaborate, complicated proprietary methodologies. 

Forget the multi-page white papers exposing the latest (supposed) research "from years in the industry." 

Seriously, do you want to read a bunch of "expert" op-ed pieces by our company or do you want us to focus on what you need us to do: teach you how to sell? 

It indeed is as simple as that. 

Go to - and see that ask just two things: Drive or Ride?

Go to - and see that they too, ask just two things: Order or Visit a Store.

Successful organizations have discovered that people want to engage, not to be talked at.

Therefore, unlike our peers, who focus on large-scale big business, we focus on one market: The Real Estate industry. Further, we disclose our prices, what we teach, and ask for no unyielding commitment. We leave the decision on whether or not to use us a simple as that. 

We have no secret plans, retainer fees, expensive courses, hard contracts, or vague ROI promises. 

We don't complicate it, because we teach one thing: how to sell. 

We practice what we preach.

We want you to succeed.

What we do: 

SMC educates Real Estate Agents in sales fundamentals, so the Agent / Broker is equipped to reach greater success in their real estate career

How we do it: 

Training workshops held in major metro locations

Why we do it: 

We love seeing people become successful: we want to change your life.


Sales Master Course LLC aba SMC 

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